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FASHION AND BEAUTY UNITED- Ending the Stigma with Shreyanshi Vala

Fashion and Beauty United


Our Operations Director, Shreyanshi, was named a 'Wonder Woman'

Through her role as Co-Founder and the Operations Director of BOLT Safety Society, Shreyanshi Vala is dedicated to educating her community about the increased stigma surrounding personal safety and wants to change the status quo.

As one of the co-founders, Vala and her team work to create safer communities to end abuse, violence, and harassment, with their overall end goal to live in a world with zero violence.

“In 2021, 81,000 women and girls were killed, this means that every 11 minutes, 1 woman or girl was killed. Personal safety is an issue that affects everyone, whether directly or not. It is a fundamental right that is compromised every single day,” she explains. “If even one person is unsafe, that should be reason enough to act. The team at BOLT Safety Society sincerely believes in this cause, and finds it crucial to collectively work on a solution.”

Their team started working in Vancouver, British Columbia and since then, has expanded their programming nationally with their Safe Buddies program.

“The Safe Buddies program, The Hub (a database of resources), and our most recent program, Project LyghtNyng, went international and is presented to girls and women in Rajasthan, India, in collaboration with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation,” she says. “Furthermore, we are grateful to have received support from media organizations, partners, and advisors, who all continue to contribute to our common vision.”

When asked what empowers her daily, Vala shares her personal goals and BOLT Safety’s vision.
“My personal goals, BOLT Safety's vision, and community all inspire and motivate me to strive for the best. I'm truly grateful for all of the support from friends, family, partners, and many more!”

To learn more about what BOLT Safety Society and they’re programs, check out the links below:

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