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Safe Buddies: Youth work to keep seniors and women in their communities safe

The Indo-Canadian Voice


BOLT Safety Society is a youth-led federal not-for-profit, working to improve safety in communities and increase support for survivors.

"BOLT Safety Society, a youth-led, federally registered NPO is launching its ‘Safe Buddies‘ program to help keep women and seniors safe. It notes that the past year has seen a surge of anti-Asian hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stop AAPI Hate reported nearly 38,000 anti-Asian incidents in the past year, of which physical assault was the third largest category.

In light of the recent Atlanta shootings and the rise of violence against Asian American seniors, as well as a recent incident involving a woman being stalked, BOLT Safety Society is launching Safe Buddies on April 10. Safe Buddies are volunteers who will escort seniors and women home. The goal of the program is to foster compassion and keep the community safe. This complements the society’s existing platform on the WIX mobile app."

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