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在過去的一年中,COVID-19大流行期間反亞洲仇恨犯罪激增。 Stop AAPI Hate在過去一年中報告了近38,000起反亞洲事件,其中人身攻擊是第三大事件。鑑於亞特蘭大最近發生的槍擊事件以及針對亞裔美國人老年人的暴力事件增加,以及最近在溫哥華髮生的一名婦女被纏擾的事件,BOLT安全協會正在啟動這項“安全夥伴”計劃。


  • 60歲或以上的老年人

  • 任何認為自己不安全的女人

預訂請求於4月10日開始,從2021年4月12日開始提供“安全夥伴”服務。如果在特定時間或特定地區不提供安全夥伴,我們可以在客戶回家時與客戶打個電話。 。

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We've served over 200 clients to-date.


We are currently taking booking requests for our Phone and Event Safe Buddies. Please send an email to for any inquiries, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


This is a non-emergency, advance-booking program. If you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.

Phone Safe Buddies:

  • Stay on a call with the client from the start to the end destination

  • Can call 9-1-1 or an emergency contact if needed


  • Request a Phone Safe Buddy Canada-wide by calling our hotline and leaving a voicemail OR by filling out the request form 

  • Book in advance by 5 pm for same-day requests

  • We review requests between 3-5 pm PST on weekdays

  • Booking confirmations are contingent on availability

Sample scenario: “I’m going to a party until 11 pm tonight, and want a Phone Safe Buddy for my walk home”. Please submit your request by 5 pm. Our team will check volunteer availability and get back to you on whether or not we can take your request.



  • Create a safer guest experience by having a ‘Safe Buddies booth’ (designated safe space)

  • Can walk guests to their ride / bus stop / back home, etc after the event

  • Can call 911 in the event of an emergency or connect guests with crisis support services (e.g. sexual assault hotline, walk to the nearest hospital, etc.)

  • Can patrol the event and check-in on guest well-being

  • Are physically non-confrontational

Please Note:

  • Booking confirmations are contingent on availability

  • This is a paid service, with rates starting at $240 CAD

  • Your final quotation depends on event size and duration (a fee breakdown is provided in the form)

  • Booking requests must be submitted at least two weeks before your event



  • Operate locally out of satellite offices, requests are taken on-site

  • Walk with the client from the start to end destination

  • Are physically non-confrontational and cannot enter private property

  • Can call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency

Want to sponsor a satellite office?

  • Help us bring the Walking Safe Buddies service to your neighbourhood!

  • A satellite office could look like the lobby of your corporate office, a table set-up outside your cafe, or really anywhere our team can set-up and take requests on-the-spot

  • Get in touch with our team at to discuss your sponsorship further







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Program Inquiries


Have questions for our team?

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Terms of Service

By using our service, you agree to adhere to our terms of service, which are as follows:

  • You are requesting our services at your own risk, thereby waiving BOLT Safety Society, its volunteers, partners and clients of any liability

  • You permit BOLT Safety Society to collect your information for the purposes of contacting you and providing services, as well as to share with volunteers, partners, or emergency response services (like the police) on a need-to-know basis

  • You understand that we reserve the right to refuse providing service at our discretion

  • You agree to inform yourself on, and follow, any rules and guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 as directed by the Provincial Health Authority and Government, as well as those for clients provided by BOLT Safety Society

  • You understand that BOLT Safety will strive to accomodate all requests for a Safe Buddy, but cannot guarantee this as service is dependent on availability at the time.

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